Providing assessment feedback

One of our task was to provide feedback on a student task, the following is my written feedback along with the annotated feedback document. post-7

What mark does the assessment work warrant?

Overall the students work would warrant a low D standard. This decision has been decided due to the nature of the responses and the displayed results via images. Reviewing the first section of the criteria, ‘decision making process’, the student’s response is basic and simplistic with minimal thought to expanding their decisions.  Regarding the criteria, the student work has some evaluation to alternative proposals, strategies, solutions and plans. Connections that affect decisions are minimal along with very minimal justification of changes that proposals present.

Moving into the second criterion, ‘Research and communication’, the student also resides within the D section for their work win one portion of the criteria in the high E area. By showing unclear expression of Geographical conventions through lack of explanations the evaluations are difficult to come to terms with what is being put forth and how they are beneficial to the area.  Although the student has created tables that appear to explain how beneficial the proposals would be the area in terms of the environmental, economic and social criteria, proper layout, explanation of data and evaluation of the data was not present. This in turn weighed the data as somewhat useless due to lack of explanations and layout.

What feedback would be beneficial for each student to receive?

Assuming the majority of student work was of similar quality within similar faults, feedback would revolve around explanations, in depth evaluations, justification, offering alternatives and properly displaying and using data to further strengthen the argument. Furthermore, using secondary sources to strengthen the argument and decisions made would be optimal in creating the response.

What do you consider to be of particular importance to highlight should you be asked to report on the students’ achievements?

The major fault in the assessment is that of the lack of geographical language and convention, lack of justification and presentation of data. For the student to succeed these areas must be strengthened to ensure the argument of the text is easily understood and displayed correctly.


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